The battle for broadband – A survival guide when you’re doubling up and dabbling between working from home and have your kids who are home-schooling.

  • Feb 16 2021

Here we are at it again! 2021 may have dawned on us, but it still feels very 2020 ish – we’re encouraged to work from home wherever possible, and if you’re like us and have kids then they are probably home-schooling too.

However, some things are different this time – and a big one is that while schools tended to set work through email and online portals last year, this time they are increasingly running live lessons over platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex and more.

This has huge advantages in replicating the school experience much more closely – and helps make sure the youngsters pay attention, however what needs to be taken into consideration is that any video platform is hungry for bandwidth, and the result could be an extra strain on our home broadband networks, which were not designed for daily business use, let alone a combination of homeworking and home-schooling.

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If you’re 55+ you’re most likely to be hit by broadband price hikes

  • Aug 10 2020

If there's one thing we strongly suggest above everything else it's that you should never stay on your old broadband deal once your contract has ended, even if you are an existing V4 customer, always ask us for the best deal we could put you on before renewing your contract with us. Recent studies has shown that consumer over 55 are the most likely to stay on their old broadband deals - and they're leaving themselves open to not having the best deal they could. The survey shows that 72% of 55+ haven't switched broadband providers in the last year, and in some cases have never switched at all. This pales in comparison to the under-25’s who are much happier to shop around for the best deal and over 62% have moved to a new provider in the last year alone.

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How to choose a broadband provider and package

  • Jul 28 2020

1. How many people will be using your connection?

The more people using your connection, the slower it will be for everyone. If you have a large family or live in a shared house with four or more, you should look for packages that are fast enough to accommodate everyone using it in once.

We'd also strongly recommend shared flats and families go with an unlimited package. This means you can use the internet willy-nilly without worrying about being cut off or charged extra for more data.

Large household of four or more regular users: Unlimited fibre optic broadband, average download speeds of 34Mb+

Shared home with up to four people: Unlimited broadband, average download speeds of 10Mb+, should be good enough in most cases. If you watch a lot of movies or download games, you could still benefit from a faster connection, but standard broadband will still do the job.

Solo user: If you're a light user, primarily using the web for email, browsing, or social media, then you may be okay with a low-cost package with fixed usage limit.

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The truth about download and upload speeds in the year 2020

  • Jul 15 2020

Need for speed? This article explains all you need to know about broadband speeds, including a layman explanation of what download and upload speeds mean, what speeds we normally get, how to get speedier broadband, and if at all you need it.

Here in the UK, we appreciate speed. Don't believe us? Just look at some of the people we admire- Mo Farah, Lewis Hamilton, tell us your favourites too So it will be apt to say that we want our internet connections to be fast enough to do the things we love.

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